Friday, July 13, 2007

Hi Everyone!

My name is Melinda Condray. I was spurred to tackle my technology fear-dragon and enter blog-land for two primary reasons.

First is to introduce myself and my first book - "Goals to Go!" - that is being launched on August 4th.

Second is to tap into the wisdom pool by listening to your comments on topics that fuel my passion - helping people succeed phenomenally.

I am a business coach and consultant, workshop leader, keynote speaker, and president of Strategic Perceptions. Since 2000, I have coached and presented to hundreds of business owners and corporate professionals that have included participants from Cisco Systems, Mercer, Merrill Lynch, Booz Allen & Hamilton, Maryland Judicial Information Systems, and the National Association of Women Business Owners. I am a contributing columnist for the Baltimore Business Journal and have been featured in The Business Monthly, The Jeffersonian, Diversity, Inc. Magazine, and North County News.

Like my approach to strategic thinking, "Goals to Go!" was inspired by my clients, audiences, friends, and colleagues. The most resounding message I heard is that time to read a book is a scarce commodity. That's why "Goals to Go!" is designed as a practical resource - you can read any chapter and get full value without reading the rest of the book.

"Goals to Go!" is about you, your success, and what you need to achieve it. More than success, it is a fast track that can move you past blocks, tame your dragons, and provide you with the skills, tools, and plan you need to claim your success.

Make sure to check back for updates and tips from my book!

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